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Light trap - Poultry fan , Poultry equipment - NorthHusbandry Machinery

Light trap - Poultry fan , Poultry equipment - NorthHusbandry Machinery

  • Light trap - Poultry fan , Poultry equipment  - NorthHusbandry Machinery
Light trap - Poultry fan , Poultry equipment  - NorthHusbandry Machinery
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Detailed Product Description

The NorthHusbandry of Best Stockbreeding Machine's Machinery Manufacturers.

NorthHusbandry Poultry Cooling Pad 
With independent advantage of the products,High quality and easy to accept the price. High quality instructions :  The raw material 105g wood pulp paper, High power resin adhesive,  260°C baking finish, High standard saw cutting .  
1.High cooling efficiency and low power consumption

2.Safety, environmental protection
3. ISO9001/CE certification

Application of NorthHusbandry evaporative cooling system

1.Workshop: textile, sock/clothes making workshop or other kind of factory

2.Green house: vegetable/ flower green house

3.Crowded places: net bar, stores, supermarket, waiting room and so on

4.Livestock farm: poultry house, cow house, pig house etc.

Introduction of NorthHusbandry evaporative cooling pad

1) Imported kraft paper material and the space crossing linking technology

2) High cooling efficiency and low power consumption

3) Don’t contain Phenol or other chemical substances which can make people allergy

4) Safety, environmental protection

5) International standard with CCC certification

6) Variety color: BrownGreenGreen/Brown colourBlack coated-single side(washable)Green coated-single side (washable)Yellow coated-single side (washable) 

NorthHusbandry Centrifugal Shutter System Exhaust Fan

1.High quality system
2.Reasonal price
3.SGS authentication
4.National --Standard motor or Siemens motor

Professional manufacturer of Centrifugal Shutter System Exhaust Fan in China

Centrifugal exhaust fan description:

1) Adopt the this system which open and close automatically when the fan works.

2) Centrifugal shutter system and other fitting of shutter made of 66 nylon,100% raw material, high strength, and long service life.

3) The inner steel fitting install in the flange, increasing the security, avoid the stretching change when Nylon system operates.

4) Adopt the injection molded Stainless steel blade ,blades are made by 430/201/304 stainless steel, mirror face

5)V-belt, A -type belt, imported from Korea

6)Shutters, galvanized board, 1 mm thickness while the middle piece thickness 1.2mm. Galvanizing layer ,120kg/square meters


Centrifugal exhaust fan use the special motors from motors factory,confirm the high quality,and no burning for ever


Centrifugal exhaust fan centrifugal device adopt high quality PA66 nylon and fiber glass to make,and guarantee the quality and beauty


Centrifugal exhaust fan adopt the CNCtechnology to manufacture,and control the quality



Centrifugal exhaust fan adopt belt tensioner which is made of aluminum alloy can extend service life and avoid distortion.Tension inside of belt could avoid twisting inverse


Safety Protecting Net (Made of Hot-Dip-Galvanized Steel with Welded wire mesh machine, then static coating with silver for further protection and beauty)



High quality aluminum-magnesium alloy and Bearing


NorthHusbandry The Farm Of Water Temperature

Heating Boiler

Coal fired hot water air heater for poultry house: 
2)heating style:hot water air
Coal fired hot water air heater for poultry house:
 1)energy:fire the coal to heat water in heater which set up in working room
2)heating style:hot water air,heated water air flow throgh tube and radiator in the house to warm house
3)safe and quick to increase temperature
maintaining temperature,maintaining meat quality,unique dual heating concept,best quality of electrical heaters with thermostat 
The Hot Water Scalder with automatic temprature control helps in maintaining uniform tempareture for scalding the poultry so that the feather plucking is complete with out damage to skin.

Scalding tempareture can be kept as suitable for soft scalding or hard scalding. Tempareture is adjusted automatically with the help of thermostat. The temp. can be set as required & changfed as often as required. The digital readout gives set temp. reading as well as actual temp. as heating progresses.

Available in customized form & capacities, these scalders are known for rugged duty, Life long working & safety of operations.They come with easy lifting winch mounted on stronge arm & all other accessories..

NHCF-400 (Circulation Fan)


1)special devised electrical motor 

2)light-weight aluminium blades 

3)corrosion-resistance, long-service time

 4)The products adopt  electrical motors from Haier specially for export.


5)Light-weight aluminium blades, ensuring the performance of large-volume of air and low-noise.


6)Corrosion-resistance and long-service time. 


Product features

this circulation can help:

Improve the uniformity of the temperature in the greenhouse;

Improve the uniformity of the humidity in the greenhouse;

Improve the uniformity of the CO2 concentration within the greenhouse.

Outstanding advantages

1, Good cooling effect and low running cost.

2, Indoor air is fresh and moist to benefit plant growth, and better effect by installing shading system.

3, Forced ventilation, and reduce indoor humidity.   

NorthHusbandry machinery  Professional Animal Husbandry Equipment Manufacturers

Modern Farm   Automatic Lifting Material Line System    Product Case Diagram

  Image  - (5)*-

1. Hopper Body    2. Feed Tube (built-in Hank dragon)      3. Tray      4. Control Material Plate (equipped
with material level device)      5. Motor       6.Connection Box        7. End Tube        8. Anti-habition Line

System      9. Lifting Suspension System       10.Bin        11.Beam 

Poultry drinkers


Usually made from plastic and available in different sizes – they are know as drinkers or fonts. They allow you to fill the font up and as the chickens drink it lets more water flow. They need to be cleaned every day.

Nipple drinking system


Nipple drinker

Used in large poultry houses a nipple drinking system takes water from a header tank and channels it to a piping system that has nipple which the chickens peck at. This means the chickens cannot mess water on you litter – upside is that you never have to worry if your chickens have water – you can also medicate the entire flock in one shot.



tube feeder

Tube feeders

Made for small poultry houses they allow you to place enough chicken food to last a good while – food is dispensed as the chickens eat. Made from plastic they save on food by not allowing the chickens to scatter the feed around the chicken house.

Pan feeders

Pan feeder

Made for large houses, a pan feeder takes feed from a pipe that comes from a silo. Excellent for feeding a large number of birds – pan feeder video.


Chain feeding system


Chain and trough

Power head

This feeding system uses chain to drag the chicken food around the house. It pulls the chicken feed or layer mash from a silo – you will need a batch weigher and a couple of geared motor called power heads to drag the chain. The system is expensive – but widely used by chicken farmers around South Africa – only if you have a very large chicken house.

Gas heaters for chicken houses

Gas heater

Gas heaters are used to warm the poultry house in cold places – you will also need a gas heater if you have baby chicks or day olds – no mum, no warmth. Even if you have a chicken house in a warm area you will still need to raise the temperature to 33 deg for baby chickens.

Fans for poultry houses

Large fan

Most poultry houses need fans – this is a large fan for a very large poultry houses – the chicken fans come in different sizes. Small poultry houses will definitely need fans as the roof is low and made of steel – the temperature inside the house can go up very quickly. You will also need a min max thermometer to check the temperature inside the small chicken house. A wet dry thermometer for monitoring the relative humidity is a must if you want to do a professional job.

Nest boxes for laying houses

Nest box

If you are raising chickens or hens to grow eggs or to produce eggs for a hatchery you will need nest boxes or laying cages. Nest boxes are considered more :chicken friendly” as they allow the hens to wander around whilst layer cages keep the hens in one place for their entire life.


Layer cages for chickens

Layer cages

Layer cages are for intensive poultry farming. They allow the eggs to be easily collected and the chickens to be easily managed. This is not a friendly form of egg production and is banned in Europe due to it’s cruel nature. You can fit between 4 and 7 chickens per cage. The cages are stacked and the whole house is filled with layer cages.

Layer cages, chicken houses, gas heaters, poultry houses, thermometers, tube feeders, chicken drinking, nest boxes, fans, nipple drinkers are all needed depending on what type of chicken farming you are engaged in.


NorthHusbandry Pig raising machinery


The obstetric table is a necessary production tool for modern hog-raising enterprises. It decides key production indicators of the pigling’s survival rate in an enterprise.

Key factors for the design of the obstetric tables should be the breeds of sows and the overall environment control

at the maternity ward workshop.The breeds of sows decide its size of body type and the environment control level

decides the space design of piglings. We can design the fittest key elements collocation according to the clients’

integrated conditions, breaking the traditional machine-made concepts in the obstetric tables.It is just like to make different clothes to people based on their size.

The necessary conditions for the production indicator’s successful completion actually begin with the fittest facilities. 


1. Nodular cast iron products

1)All the underframes of the obstetric table are made of nodular cast iron, which has strong corrosion resistant ability and rigidity, not easy to break.

2)Nodular cast iron products in our company use aluminum film epoxy resin sand process makes the surface

more smooth, avoid burr flash do damage to pigs.

3)After improve the technology,we shrink the leak aperture of plate at sow position to 8.5-9mm(At present only we can realize it in the domestic profession) avoid too large leak lock pigs feet and do harm

to sow nipple.However the traditional size is 11-12mm,what we do avoid that bad phenomenon.

2.Welding procedure

All welding products in our company adopt 2.5mm wall thickness welding pipe,and do overall hot galvanized processing after welding. The wall thickness not less than 2.6mm after galvanize.It has the strong corrosion resistant ability.Product quality can guarantee the normal use of ten years after overall hot galvanized processing.Avoid the phenomenon of welded junction sealing-off after several years’use.

3.Plastic floor/plate

The plastic plate is made of original raw material (engineering PP). Thickening floor ,strong compression resistance make it impossible to break by pigling.

4.Sow position can adjust all-round,suitable for different size of pigs.

5. high-order position stainless steel food slot,anti-corrosion,easy to clean.


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