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Lamps Electrostatic Spray Powder Coatng Production Line With Manual Dusting And 3 Phase

Lamps Electrostatic Spray Powder Coatng Production Line With Manual Dusting And 3 Phase

  • Lamps Electrostatic Spray Powder Coatng Production Line With Manual Dusting And 3 Phase
Lamps Electrostatic Spray Powder Coatng Production Line With Manual Dusting And 3 Phase
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Brand Name: COLO
Certification: ISO /CE
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Detailed Product Description
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automated spray booth


industrial spray booths

Lamps Electrostatic Spray Powder Coatng Production Line With Manual Dusting And 3 Phase



powder spray line


1. Runtime largest combination pendant size: (L) 700 x (W) 250 × (H) 950 mm; 6 lampshade / hanging

2. Spray modes: manual dusting.

3. Yield: about 40,000 / month / 26 days / 208 hours;



Lamps Electrostatic Powder Coaitng Production Line With Manual Dusting


The production line consists of  pre-treatment ,electrostatic powder coating  equipment,powder spray booth , powder curing equipment, overhead conveyors and electrical control systems.


First, the design basis
Runtime largest combination pendant size: (L) 700 x (W) 250 × (H) 950 mm; 6 lampshade / hanging
Spray modes: manual dusting.
Plant construction parameters: see Fig.
Heat source: electric heating,
Catenary: UH-5075-S-type, single point of hanging weight of 30 kg.
Yield: about 40,000 / month / 26 days / 208 hours;
Power: 60HZ, three-phase four-wire 220V;
Gas source: three filtered compressed air






Process name

temperature (°C)

time (min)



Pre-treatment processing after drying










Powder coating



Electrostatic coating


Powder curing


User adjustment according to material thickness



Nature cool





Off load





Suspension chain:

The use of a single-point lifting 30 kg of overhead conveyors workpiece conveyor The catenary speed is adjusted according to the thickness of the workpiece material.
Drying tunnel curing powder electric heating, hot air circulation curing workpiece.
Hot air circulation heating method to ensure the furnace, the uniformity of the surface temperature, reducing the temperature difference.
The drying tunnel assembled structure the drying tunnel outer plate of 0.8 mm cold plate, inner plate of 0.8 mm galvanized plate.
Positive pressure air duct conveying hot air circulation, air flow passage each outlet with wind control board to make uniform temperature distribution in the drying tunnel.
Cycling fan operation and low noise; fan and temperature control device chain, to ensure that the furnace overtemperature.



Device name and technical specifications

(A) powder curing drying tunnel:
Curing drying tunnel for the U type, full-bridge structure, bake, body assembly structure.
Wallboard: the outer plate δ0.8mm cold plate within the the board uses quality δ0.8mm galvanized sheet.
Drying tunnel insulation layer: curing drying tunnel wallboard insulation thickness of 120 mm, made of high quality rock wool.
drying tunnel specifications:
Curing drying tunnel Dimensions: (L) 9000 × (W) 1590 × (H) 4140 (mm)
Sectional dimensions: (W) 1350 x (H) 1900mm (containing wind with height) Quantity: 1
Oven temperature: room temperature ~ 200 ℃.
Heating system:
The insulation heating chamber: 100 000 kcal / h, Quantity: 1
Hot air circulating fans: Dedicated # 6 speed: 1440r/min, Power: 4KW, Quantity: 1
Electric heating tube: stainless steel, 3KW / root, 63KW
(B). Electrostatic spray equipment:
Dusting system is the core equipment for powder coating.
(1) duplex powder room size: <L> 5000mm × <W> 1400mm × <H> 2000mm, 1 units
(2) Recovery System: 6 Cartridge Recycling (upper and lower body, Whirlpool production), a set of
(3) Manual spraying machine: 2 sets (ordered separately)
(4) the closed loop system: 1 set (whale births)
Structure: the upright plate of the powder room, the roof, using δ1.2mm cold plate production. Chassis, legs Q235 material, overall flat, smooth, beautiful, recycling clean up powder convenience, has a lighting device, easy to observe the spray effect. The powder room, the screws can be a whole demolition.
Principle: Dusting chamber is the spraying workpiece studio, powder spray booth and powder recovery unit is turned on, dusting interior causing a negative pressure region, so that part of the powder can not be deposited onto the surface of the workpiece does not exo negative in the dusting chamber under pressure into the powder recovery device and recycled.
Recovery unit principle: the powder was not adsorbed by the workpiece, recycling to reduce production costs. Also prevent powder linen in pollution of the environment.
Completion of powder recovery filter device. The qualified recycling powder to collect powder barrel, and then through the sieve into the barrels with new powder for the powder mixed re-use.
The closed-loop system:
The the powder closed-loop system meets the need of the coating equipment recycling powder recycling, recovery powder automatically supply the re-use of automatic guns. Improve the recovered powder utilization, reduce labor intensity. Venturi powder pump imitation imports designed to make the closed loop system to smooth air passage, the powder is not blocked, the recovery performance.

(C) Suspension conveyor:
Model: UH-5075-S-type, single-point lifting weight: ≤ 30 kg
Chain pitch: 150 mm Power: 2.2KW
Total length: 60 meters;
Catenary speed: 0.7 m / min (Derived capacity)
The machine has less power consumption, low noise, smooth running, easy to operate, safe to use and advantages.
Chains: conveyor chain to complete the run within the horizontal and vertical planes.
Drive and tensioner: using a single drive, single hammer tensioner
Emergency stop switch: across the board a total of three emergency stop switches were installed in the upper and lower parts, dusting point.
Curved track: all curved track 16 manganese steel making.
Temperature expansion joints: When the orbit through baking drying tunnel, a set of temperature expansion joints. Maintain the proper gap between the two rail track portion is heated to compensate for thermal deformation.
VVVF: "Huifeng" conversion, 1 set
Lubricating device: a lubricating device to ensure that the chain lubrication.
Spreader: interval of 0.6 m / month

(D) Electrical control:
Key electrical components of the entire production line selection of quality brand-name products.
Implementation of the automatic detection, display and control the drying temperature of the drying tunnel, overtemperature alarm.
Coating production line set up total control cabinet, control of all electrical equipment in the production line.
Drying tunnel temperature control with digital display automatic control device, plus hot temperature while precise automatic control work.
Electrical equipment design, selection, manufacturing, and installation shall conform to the relevant standards.
Electrical control cabinet surface neat, pleasing in appearance, panel layout is reasonable, easy to observe and operation.
Choose the country to promote the new family of devices, reliable performance, advanced technology.
Door wires neat appearance, wiring and toward standardization, banding bundles, to achieve smooth vertical and horizontal. Cabinet door handles with locks.
Such as wire Shui right angle, arc-shaped corner bent into a small park.
Good and firm contact of the wire in the respective electrical terminals. Each wire insulation resistance greater than 1 megohm. Each connector are denoted by the solid mark.
Conductor of the electrical terminals, terminal block at marked with a clear line number, and easy to wear fade.
The marks of the various components of the cabinet and the back route number and electrical control diagram corresponds exactly to facilitate inspection and maintenance. Electrical equipment should have a good grounding, grounding resistance in line with national standards.


VI Energy with:
Power supply: 220V, 60HZ three-phase four-wire system, the largest installed capacity: 78KW
Compressed air quality requirements: oil content: ≤ 1ppm, dust particles degree: ≤ 0.1μm




Lamps Electrostatic Spray Powder Coatng Production Line With Manual Dusting And 3 Phase 0

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